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Hot Teen Dresses up to Fuck a Football Crush She Has

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It’s NFL game day at the house of Elsa Jean and she’s having a 1-on-1 party with a crush she wants to impress. He’s the type of dude who’s obsessed with sports, so this ambitious teen decides to dress up in a tiny football jersey with matching booty shorts and sexy knee-high socks. Honestly, you have to admit that Elsa is looking extremely hot. There’s no way she doesn’t grab his full attention, regardless of what team is playing!

Elsa Jean

To kick this party off, the teen heartthrob playfully jumps around with a ball.

She’s totally giddy with excitement since earlier the guy couldn’t help but compliment her nice, teen ass in that cute outfit. You can’t blame him for bringing it up because Elsa is looking downright sexy. After some fooling around, the couple warms up to each other and things become more intimate. It’s obvious they both want to have sex, but neither of them is brave enough to admit it yet!

The teen girl bends over, still wearing those tiny booty shorts, and hikes the football towards him. However, he fails to catch it because his eyes are fixated on the jaw-droppingly hot view of this chicks ass! One thing leads to another and she starts to strip for him. No objections are made when that whole outfit, followed by her bra and pink panties come off. The only thing this gorgeous teen has on are those tight knee-high socks, which compliment her luscious legs wonderfully.

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He knows that the next hour is going to be filled purely with teen sex.

As this naked babe crawls over to him, he makes the next move by whipping out his dick. Needless to say, it was already instantly hard from watching Elsa strip that sexy body! She immediately accepts the invitation for fellatio by quickly cupping her lips around the tip of his cock and giving him the best teen blowjob he’ll ever experience. Since Elsa’s mouth is so tiny, there’s no way she’ll be able to fit that whole dick down her throat. So instead, she uses a hand to stroke the base of it, then sucks with her mouth down the shaft as far as possible.

This oral sex goes to the next level when the guy places both hands on the back of Miss Jean’s blonde head and face-fucks her gently. A mixture of slurping and moaning sounds bounce off the walls as the teen glides up and down his cock. Every couple of seconds he lets up to give her a break, which is where moans rapidly turn to deep gasps so she can suck in some air before going back to being this man’s sex doll. Admittedly, when they’re done, the submissive teen has a huge, euphoric smile on her face and says, “I love being your little sex toy.”

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Finally, the anticipated moment of penetration happens!

These two have had enough foreplay and are ready to get onto the sex! Elsa Jean playfully tackles the dude like they’ve been a couple for years, then sits on his dick in a hurry. It penetrates her teen pussy like smooth butter since she’s already dripping wet from his total domination during the oral sex. Finally, she rides that cock in long strokes, using her hands on the bed for both balance and to provide some serious leverage to fuck him.

The guy still can’t keep his eyes off Miss Jean’s tiny, yet perfectly shaped booty as she rides. Finally, he can’t take it anymore! He has to get this teen chick into doggystyle position and bury his cock inside her. With Elsa’s ass upright and lower back arched, he slides himself right back into her pussy and thrusts deeply, just as promised. No one could’ve ever imagined that sex with this teen babe would be so downright amazing!

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Dirty Blonde Teen Has Been Craving a Huge Cock

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Dirty blonde teen, Marsha May has a massive craving for a huge cock, and today is her lucky day because she’s found one that’s big enough to satisfy her sexual appetite! This sex scene starts off with our teen beauty kneeling down, unzipping a guy’s pants, and whipping out his dick. Using her tongue to lick his shaft, she works her way to the top, admiring it like a prized possession.

Marsha May

Marsha’s hazel eyes gaze up while she cups his balls in her mouth.

This blowjob goddess uses both hands to stroke the base of his cock, strafing side to side from the shaft to the tip. Still dumbfounded at the size of it, Marsha compares it to her face, which really highlights the sheer massiveness of his girth. Trying her best to deepthroat, she moans as it taps the back of her throat. All she can say when her lips finally release from it is, “Oh my god… I want this dick inside me.”

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Flaunting her thick, tight ass from behind, the hot teen rides his cock.

Using both hands to stretch her pussy lips out wide, Marsha sits on that big dick and slowly lets it enter her. Posting up both hands on his legs, she skillfully uses his complete girth to satisfy herself. The teen pornstar twists and thrusts, letting out soft moans that erotically compliment her sexual maneuvers.

Moving to the couch, she lays face down with her ass up and begs for him to start having sex with her tight, teen pussy. Marsha moans even more wildly when he thrusts balls-deep into her, becoming increasingly louder while taking every inch of his cock!

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After being pounded from behind, this busty teen still wants more.

Mounting him in cowgirl position now, she begins riding the entirety of that dick. The guy rapidly fucks her from below as Marsha May blurts out, “Deeper, deeper!” This gorgeous teen has sex in about half a dozen different positions throughout the video. Finally, at the highest point of ecstasy, she sucks him off and desperately requests that he releases his cum all over her innocent face!

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