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Hot Blonde in Tight Yoga Pants Baits Neighbor over for Sex

Every morning Abby Cross does stretches by the poolside in a pair of fuzzy yoga pants and a tight workout top. Today when this sexy teen is doing the routine and getting limbered up, her neighbor peeks over their fence to have a good look at that curvy body. He decides to pay Abby a visit, then comes over to offer assistance with her yoga moves. She’s in the middle of a sexy pose where her big teen ass is on display when he gets there. Unable to control his urges, he sneaks up and takes a big grab of that thick booty!

Abby Cross

Little did he know, she was trying to bait him to come over all along!

Secretly, the teen girl knew her neighbor was spying like a voyeur during the workout. In fact, she’d been trying to get him to come over by doing some provocative stretches. Furthermore, she loved the way he just outright grabbed her big ass! The two look at each other and without a word spoken, it was clear they both wanted to fool around. Finally, she has the dude lay down while grinding her ass all over him!

Abby slides her pants off and sits down on the guy’s face. He adores that curvy teen body and licks her pussy as she pushes those lovely hips into him. Focusing on the oral stimulation, the teen lightly moans and decides she wants to return the favor. The guy stands up and Abby yanks his pants down to reveal a throbbing huge dick. She slides that shaft directly into her mouth and eagerly sucks his cock, thoroughly enjoying giving head and licking from the tip to the base.

Teen Sex

It’s a good thing this teen is already limbered up and ready for sex.

After that dick is nice and lubed up with spit, the teen girl bends over into doggystyle position and spreads her legs to have sex. She grabs the pure white sheets they’re laying on as the man thrusts his girth deep inside the thick-hipped babe. Abby practically rips her tight workout top off and lets her big, natural tits hang free. Those boobs begin to bounce with every thrust she takes, which only makes her moan louder and become even hornier.

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Abby wants more so she has the guy flip over onto his back.

She crawls onto him, lustfully starving for more sex. The curvy babe slides his dick back into her pussy, but even deeper this time and starts riding it wildly. Pleasure ensues for the couple, but after having enough of bouncing on top, it’s finally time for these two to finish things off!

The gorgeous teen lays down on her stomach so she can be pounded again from behind. Once she’s in her favorite position, the guy grabs her ass and plows this teen babe as deeply as he possibly can. In fact, her curvy body trembles and shakes while they have passionate sex. Abby Cross climaxes on his cock, moaning loudly without a care as to who hears from the backyard.

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Tiny Teen Girl Gets Pounded While She’s Trying to Read

Piper Perri is bored out of her mind so she decides to grab a book and hop on the couch. As she begins to focus on reading, this dude comes by and sits down next to her. He takes a few quick peeks over at the sexy teen because she’s looking hot as hell in her tight white blouse and tiny skirt. In fact, from where the man is sitting he can see a direct view of her panties! She looks back at him and smirks in an intoxicating way, almost as if she’s trying to turn him on. Little does she know, it’s working since the only thing this guy has on his mind is teen sex!

Piper Perri

Miss Perri wants to act innocent, but her teasing says otherwise.

The man plays with Piper’s feet in an attempt to get her attention, but she tries to act like a good girl by continuing to read. However, as soon as he isn’t looking she places the tip of her feet on his crotch and begins to rub his dick right through those jeans! Returning the favor, the dude gives the teen babe a butt massage with his massive hands, then after a bit of rubbing it’s clear that both of them are turned on and ready for sex.

Teen Sex

He whips out his huge cock and decides to take control.

Moving the teen girls panties aside, the guy slides his dick right into her soaking wet pussy while she’s still laying down! As soon as that cock enters her, she immediately closes the book and perks up her ass, allowing him to push it in even deeper. This chick’s cheeks are turning red from the sexual pleasure that’s jolting through her body! Giving in now, she climbs up on all fours and bends over so he can start to pound her tight teen pussy.

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She’s fully submissive while having sex with her cute teen ass up in the air!

Piper presses her face down into the couch with her ass propped up so this man can have complete control. In fact, she’s so turned on that her pussy drenches this guys dick with how wet she is! Although, it almost comes as a surprise when they stop having sex to suck that dick for a while. She deepthroats his cock as far as she can, making sure to get it totally soaked for their next sex position.

Crawling up on his lap now, the teen girl mounts him and places the dick right back inside of her. Spreading her own asscheeks, Piper Perri slides down on it, opening herself up as much as possible to accept every inch of that huge cock. She moans in ecstasy with every thrust he gives her, grinding back onto his cock whenever he slows down.

Let’s make this chick cum hard in missionary position.

Laying down with her legs spread wide up, Piper once again starts getting plowed. She rubs her clit while being fucked, bringing herself to an inevitable climax. As soon as the shock from orgasming settles, she blurts out, “I want to taste your cum!” and the man continues pumping rapidly.

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