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Aspiring Teen Porn Star Records a Sex Tape

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Athena Faris finally made the decision to break into porn. But a photographer tells her, “If you recorded a sex tape, then you could get booked for video shoots right away…” Okay, Is he serious? Or is our young teen cutie falling for an obvious sex scam? Either way, she goes for it! So the opportunistic dude puts Athena straight to work by having her suck his dick. Throughout this top-rated porn video, our innocent teenager shows off a lot of sex skills. – Starting with her first on-camera blowjob!

Athena Faris

Athena Faris proves she can ride dick like a real porn star.

For the next sexual trick on Athena’s porn demo tape, the photographer makes her ride his cock. It takes plenty of strength, balance, and stamina for a fresh little teen slut to bounce so perfectly. But the way he groans “Oh, yes!” at her means that she must be doing it well! In fact, they each seem to enjoy her cowgirl riding performance so much, both of them forget the teen porn video is meant for an audience.

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Twerking her big teen ass while her pussy’s full of cock.

Missionary sex lets her put those tattoos and belly button piercings on display. Now Athena strikes a dramatic pose for the video recording by flinging on hand above her head. As a matter of fact, she looks just like a real porn star lounging on a shag carpet!

When the man photographer grabs her, those hands wrap all the way around her slim teen thighs, showing just how petite this young woman truly is. In his strong grip, she’s as helpless as a sex toy made for fucking. “Your pussy is so tight…” he tells her. Then she replies, “Thank you, your girth feels good too!

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Proving she’s cut out for porn by recording a hot POV sex angle.

No sex tape is complete without a reverse cowgirl scene! Miss Faris gives this guy a hot angle of her working up and down on his manly rod. By recording a POV video, it shows us the aspiring teen porn performer’s cute booty and wet pussy.

Every time she squeezes the tip of his cock with her young cunt, Athena spreads those ass cheeks for a view of that gaping pussy. So does our dirty teenage tease has a hot enough body to be a top porn star?

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Nude Lingerie Girl Has Her Pussy Filled With Cum

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Miss Lexa looks so fine in a tight lace choker and sexy lingerie. Starting off a top-rated porn video of a hot naked girl, she submissively knees down and waits for her lover. When a guy enters, he already knows what this horny sex slut desires. So the man whips out his hard cock for Lexa to begin a toe-curling blowjob.


Only pulling her lips off the shaft to worship that big dick.

While bobbing on it, our lingerie goddess caresses herself by massaging her big tits. Although it’s hard to keep up because they’re bouncing as she deepthroats him! But that doesn’t stop her because naked girls like Miss Lexa enjoy sucking dick. Between moans of pleasure, she gags and wiggles those curvy hips in anticipation of sex. Finally, it’s time for them to make a porn video of her complete female submission!

Naked Girls

Naked girls love being dominated by men willing to fuck them roughly.

Miss Lexa even does a hot stripper move where she bounces one buttcheek at a time. “Spank my ass,” the naked woman begs while twerking her thick booty in his face. Then our eager lingerie girl climbs aboard to hump him and announces, “I love riding cock!” as it slides between her glistening pussy lips.

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Fingering herself while he kisses the nude lingerie girl’s perky nipples.

The sex continues when Miss Lexa turns around so he can see her perfect big tits bounce up and down. “I want you to fill me with cum,” she admits. Now wouldn’t that be a hot ending to a top-rated sex video? Yeah, it sure would be!

Without missing a beat, she fingers her pussy and says, “You make me so wet.” But the guy can’t reply because he’s busy with licking and sucking on the naked girl’s erect nipples. All of a sudden, Lexa blurts out, “Fill my slutty cunt. Cum in me!” which implies she has more than a few submissive fantasies.

For their last sex position of our porn video, the woman bends over to penetrated from behind. “I’ve been a naughty nude girl,” she reminds him. That only inspires the man to thrust even faster and more roughly. Clutching the edge of the mattress, our naked lingerie goddess hangs on as he fills her tight pussy with cum. “You’re pumping it so deep!” she shouts right before having a powerful female orgasm.

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