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Babysitter Blackmails Man and He Wants Sex in Return

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Kimberly Brix has been babysitting for ages, and over time she’s developed quite a clientele. Everyone pays her pretty well except for a man and his wife who were one of her first clients. Simply put, Miss Brix is a beautiful teen girl that’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get more money. So today she’s made the decision to speak with this guy and make a few modest demands.

kimberly brix

Her devious plan is to blackmail him by saying they’re having an affair.

The idea seems solid, but little does the babysitter know, she’ll be merrily fucking him by the end of this teen sex video! When Kimberly starts talking to the guy, she comes on very strong and straight up says she wants more money for babysitting, to which he responds, “But I pay you well already?” Clearly, she doesn’t think so because that’s when her devious plan comes to fruition.

“If you don’t give me more money, I’ll tell your wife you’ve been grabbing my ass and sexting me!” she says smirking. A wave of realization washes over the man when it occurs to him that he had actually been flirting with Kimberly over texts, which swiftly turns the tables on the discussion.

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If he’s going to give into the teen’s demands, he at least wants sex out of it!

That’s when the guy tells her that he’ll give a bonus if she shows him those tits. Kimberly is taken back at the request, but wants it too bad and isn’t leaving until she gets more money. The teen beauty lifts up her blouse and shows off a set of petite boobs with perky nipples to match. With a big smile, she accepts a small wad of cash and the tense aura between them seems to disappear.

Neither of these two are even close to done yet though! Kimberly bends over, takes her panties off, and puts her tight teen pussy on display. If it isn’t already ensured that the babysitter and this man will be having sex, then it is when she gets down on her knees and begins to unbutton his pants. Pulling out his dick and giving it a sensual lick on the tip, she looks up at him and says, “My pussy’s getting wet… Do you want to fuck me?”

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She pauses for a moment, then says in a most alluring voice, “You should fuck me.”

They’re equally as aroused because she wants to fuck him as bad as he wants to bang her. While the man may not have appreciated the initial blackmail, all is forgiven with sex. Grabbing Kimberly’s ass, he says, “You’re a little teen slut!” to which she deviously smirks. However, that cunning look is quickly replaced with a euphoric look of ecstasy when he slams his hard dick right into her wet pussy. For the teen, it’s a win-win because she is loving every second of sex with him and is taking home a nice, fat bonus too!

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Thick Shower Girl Sees Roommate Creeping and Bangs Him

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This amateur porn video starts off with Lena Paul waking up in a very horny mood. She hops out of bed, scoots her way to the shower and turns it on. While it heats up to a steamy temperature, the beautiful babe strips off all her clothes and admires her curvy body in the mirror for a moment. Proceeding to step in now, she shakes off the groggy haze from a long nights sleep and begins to lather up those huge tits. Soap dribbles from her nipples, down past her stomach, and through the forest of groomed pubic hair around her pussy.

lena paul

Lena is enjoying the hot shower so much, she’s unaware her roommate is creeping.

This dude has been creeping in the bathroom, getting a private amateur porn show the whole time! His jaw drops when seeing his gorgeous roommate’s big tits, but all he can do is stand by with his mouth watering. Unable to resist temptation, he pulls out two things: a phone to capture a porn video for later, and his dick to jerk himself off now!

The amateur babe continues lathering those big titties and scrubbing from head to toe. Unaware she’s being spied on and still horny from earlier, Lena decides to masturbate using the smooth lubrication of her hair conditioner. Running it through that hairy pussy, she rubs the oils around and pays extra attention to grazing over her sensitive clit. Both of them are just a couple feet from each other and this chick doesn’t even know it!

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Masturbating at this rate, they both might cum!

She’s really getting into it now, playing with that sopping wet pussy and letting the hot stream of water from the shower rain down on her thick ass. The roommate continues filming Lena excitedly since he’s getting an extremely hot amateur recording. She looks absolutely stunning, brunette hair glistening in the shine of the water with no idea anybody is watching. When she’s two fingers deep inside herself, the amateur girl finally notices him and lets out a loud shriek! Fortunately, the freak out doesn’t last long because as soon as she notices his long, hard cock out, the tides turn.

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Good thing this thick amateur brunette is even more horny than him!

Stepping out of the shower, Lena looks like she’s about to scold him. However, it’s somewhat strange that she makes the decision not to cover up her big boobs or pussy with a towel. That’s when the horny babe yanks the guy closer and rips his clothes right off! She slithers down his chest, falling to her knees and begins to stroke the guy’s cock. After a few slobs on his knob, the couple quickly scurries off to the bedroom to take this amateur porn video even further.

They’re both soaking wet, but that’s the last thing on either of their minds as she lays down and spreads her legs open for him. That’s when he mounts this beautiful girl and slides his dick deep into her moist pussy. These amateur fuck buddies are having an absolute blast together. From doggystyle to cowgirl, this gorgeous curvy babe gets pounded like a porn star throughout the whole video. In fact, her eyes practically roll back in her head from the sensual slamming she receives! This is one of Lena Paul’s hottest sex scenes that you definitely do not want to miss.

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