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Love Triangle With Two Hot Girls Becomes a Threesome

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Marsha May is doing her best to seduce Gia Paige’s boyfriend while she’s away at school. But honestly, this guy has fantasized about having sex with multiple girls! Although, you really can’t blame him because of how sexy Marsha looks wearing a mini skirt with a cute blue bow in her hair. While seductively smiling she says, “I know you like me and we can keep it a secret!” before dropping to her knees to rub the large bulge in his pants.

Marsha May & Gia Paige

Unable to resist the temptation of this hot girl begging to be mouth-fucked.

Marsha asks, “Does your girlfriend make you this hard?” while stroking him naked in the middle of their kitchen. That’s when our beautiful, blonde temptress plunges her pouty lips around his cock, and they both simultaneously let out a huge moan of relief.

After a few minutes of pleasurable sucking, they hear a door open behind them because Gia comes home from school early! By the looks of it, these two cheaters are caught nude together! However, with some quick thinking, Marsha ducks below the kitchen counter with his dick in her mouth.

Hesitantly, he greets his girlfriend who’s completely unaware of what’s going on right in front of her. That’s when the man tells Gia there’s a surprise in the bedroom, which easily lures her away. Since our naked cheater babe was previously enjoying that blowjob, she continues sucking while he’s still talking to the other girl! At this point, the pleasure becomes almost unbearable because he must keep a straight face.

Naked Girls

These cheaters are off the hook, but now he has to come up with an excuse.

Marsha thinks it’s hilarious how they almost got caught and lets out a snicker, but he doesn’t think it’s so funny! Joining our other hot girl in the bedroom now, he explains that his surprise isn’t quite ready yet. Nonetheless, Gia thinks it’s sweet that he even thought about her and wants to give an erotic reward. That’s when Miss Paige tells him to lay down and she gets naked! Ironically, this sexy schoolgirl’s about to pick up where Marsha left off.

Gia mentions, “I have thought about this all day…” before bobbing on his cock, blowing him in a loud and sloppy fashion. Right when it becomes intimate, our original babe creeks their door open to take a peek at what’s going on. Loving the fact that his girlfriend is oblivious about what happened, she stands nude in the doorway and touches herself to the view. Panicking now, this dude tries signaling for Marsha to leave, but when she won’t he states, “I’ll be right back, babe.”

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Ditching his girlfriend, he joins Marsha in the kitchen to have sex!

The guy is upset that his sexy mistress keeps acting so risky, yet she only replies, “Shut up and fuck me.” Honestly, it’s not a good idea to have sex with this chick right now since he just left Gia alone. Still, how can you resist a hot nude girl standing there asking to bang? Therefore, these two start fucking without even caring!

Inevitably, Miss Paige comes out to see where all the ruckus is coming from when she’s met with her boyfriend blatantly cheating on her. Now yelling in a frenzy, “Are you serious? You left so you could fuck another naked girl?” and runs away to go sulk about it. Since Marsha gets off to the fact that they keep cheating together, she thinks this whole situation is hilarious.

Following now, the temptress wants to see if she can convince his girlfriend to have a threesome. When they are talking, Gia admits that the real reason she’s so upset is that they didn’t include her in their sex. Well, this an easy fix since these two hot women simply begin making out and stripping each other naked! Meanwhile, the horny boyfriend stands back watching it all unfold, then eventually decides to join their fun. Overall, it’s a wonder that their cheating has turned into a threesome!

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Couples Lovemaking Ends with a Passionate Creampie

Mia Malkova is chilling on the couch when her man silently arrives at home. Looking forward to seeing his girlfriend all day, he sneaks up from behind with a sensual surprise. Instantly, she perks up after feeling his familiar touch grasp her shoulders and begin lightly massaging. “Oh…” Mia sighs as his hand inches up the girl’s neck and strokes the back of her head. Clearly, this guy knows how to touch his woman because she’s melting with satisfaction!

Mia Malkova

He’s still dressed in business clothes from the office, but not for long.

Likewise, this hot girl has anticipated seeing her boyfriend as well. In fact, Mia was about to have a masturbation session because she has been horny all day! Fortunately, he showed up just in time to give his girlfriend the passionate, nude love she desires. Therefore, the eager babe goes directly for his belt buckle, then whips out that dick to start blowing him!

She bends over just enough that you see a sexy view of those thin, white panties. However, the real prize is her quivering, naked pussy underneath that he’s going to fuck soon. Licking from his shaft to the tip, she makes his cock become sturdily erect. The only thing that’s on this couple’s mind right now is the thought of him cumming balls-deep inside of his girlfriend!

Naked Girls

Their sex is so vivid that you just want to reach out and grab Mia’s ass!

They both strip completely naked, then flick this horny girl’s soaked panties to the side. Resting the weight of Mia’s upper body on their couch, she arches that lower back and prepares for penetration. On a side note, Miss Malkova’s perfectly groomed hair around her nude pussy looks absolutely stunning! In fact, it’s styled in the shape of an inverted triangle, which makes this babe so utterly enticing while she’s fucked in doggystyle position.

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What better way to end this romantic lovemaking than with a creampie!

Mia and her man are spooning each other with her thighs spread wide so viewers can continue gazing at that sexy groomed crotch. Next, his hands promptly wrap around that slim waist, and the erotic naked girl presses her curvy ass back into him.

Finally, these two are comfortable and ready to continue making passionate love. Although, this time they’re not stopping until he cums! She can feel his girth pulsing against her inner walls as the man comes closer to orgasming. Miss Malkova whispers, “Creampie me, baby…” while slowly closing those legs to the tempo of him pumping.

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