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Horny Babysitter Has a Crush and Takes off Her Clothes

Teen babysitter Malina Mars is so cute that you would never believe she’s a kinky sex goddess. After completing a babysitting job for a client, she lingers around with the hopes of persuading him into having a little fun “off the record”. Thinking his babysitter has left for the day, the guy goes to lay down in his room and take a nap. However, Malina secretively follows him into the room, closes the door behind her and admits she has a crush on him while taking off her clothes!

malina mars

Who said babysitting has to be boring?

The guy simply cannot resist it when Malina crawls onto the bed and pulls out his cock out from those constricting pants. She begins to lick the shaft like it’s been taunting her all day. Her big, brown eyes stare up while sliding it down her throat, and arousal continues to build when she’s practically gagging on him. However, this sex scene really raises eyebrows when Malina uncups her lips from that dick and looks up innocently to utter the words, “Please fuck my little pussy”.

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She grinds her beautiful body on him, slowly increasing the momentum.

Hovering over him in cowgirl position, she grasps his manhood in her hand and inserts it directly into that tight pussy. She rides slowly, swaying her hips up and down on him in an intoxicating motion. Those cute teen tits rock in unison as she makes love to his big cock. But things begin to speed up when she starts to thrust those hips! Malina’s facial expression is a mixture of joy and lust. With a huge grin on her face, it’s almost as if she can’t believe her fantasy is coming true.

Spanking only makes her hornier.

Changing positions now, the sexy teen rolls over onto her knee’s to start getting fucked from behind. He spanks this naughty babysitter’s ass as she bounces back and forth on his dick. Between her moans, she screams in pleasure, “Your cock is so big in my little pussy!” This sex scene continues to heat up with a hot camera shot of Malina’s thick ass and more graceful doggystyle pounding.

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Malina’s flexibility is coming in handy!

Rolling onto her back, she spreads her legs wide open, ready to be fucked deeply. Resembling somewhat of an acrobatic sex goddess, Malina holds up both those legs to her chest as this guy repeatedly thrusts his entire huge cock inside her. She lets out joyful moans and lustfully sucks on his finger whilst being dicked down. This hottie brunette just can’t get enough pounding in her tight teen pussy!

Moving into reverse cowgirl position, she twists and turns herself in different angles to get his entire shaft into all the right spots. As climax nears, it’s almost surprising that this gorgeous teen babe won’t be continuing their wild sex all night long!

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Cute Teen in a Tight Pink Outfit Licks Cock Like a Lollipop

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Alex Grey just got some brand new rollerblades for Christmas and wants to try them out. She gets dressed up in a skimpy, pink outfit with knee high socks that show off her bangin’ teen body, and straps on those rollerblades to take them out for a spin. After a bit of riding around, the teen girl takes a breather on a nearby couch and invites a guy friend to come over and rest with her. Trying her hardest to coax the guy into flirting with her, she sucks on a lollipop alluringly and plays with the straps of her tiny tank top.

alex grey

The two quickly go from flirting to oral sex in no time!

It doesn’t take long before he’s stripping Alex down to nothing but her cute, pink thong and knee high socks. The rollerblades subsequently come off when that tiny thong drops to the floor, which reveals Alex’s smooth, teen pussy and her firm ass. Moving to the bed now to have sex, Miss Grey pushes the guy onto his back and pulls down his pants to unsheath a large, bulging cock.

This cute, blonde teen knows exactly what to do and begins running her tongue all over his throbbing shaft. When she takes the tip into her mouth, she gives out a small moan of pleasure – It’s almost as if she’s loving the oral sex as much as he is! Those lips bop up and down the length of his cock, caressing it with her tongue just like she did with the lollipop earlier. The teen continues running her lips down the side his dick, making sure to stroke every last inch of the entire girth.

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This gorgeous teen holds up her legs and rubs her pussy while having sex.

Getting into missionary position, Alex lays on her back while the guy slides his huge cock into her tight pussy. She rubs her clit in a circle while taking almost every inch of that big dick. In fact, that cock is so big for her that it’s throbbing against the walls of her pussy. Alex moans in ecstasy and her abdomen twitches out of control with every thrust he gives her. You can see by the expression on this teen’s face that she’s loving the way it’s filling her up!

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Rolling over and onto her knee’s, the teen begins having sex from behind.

It’s amazing how her pussy still wraps tightly around his cock after the pounding she just received on her back. Nonetheless, the couple continues their sex, and her moans become increasingly louder and more pleasurable as she that ass bounces back into him. This teen sex video is taking it to the next level when we get a point-of-view close up of her perfect, smooth ass as she takes it all in!

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