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Babysitter Comforts a Disappointed Husband with Sex

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Jill Kassidy gets a phone call to babysit for a busy corporate man. Unfortunately, it’s common for the men she babysits for to have personal problems. For instance, the guy she’s working for this time is having some issues with his marriage. His wife likes to drink a bit too much, and it’s obvious in the beginning of this sex scene that it’s tearing him apart inside.

jill kassidy

This guys wife is a wreck and he needs to be cheered up.

He thought his wife had been doing better, but when she arrived home, she was drunk while Jill was still on the job. Apparently, she was throwing clothes around and making more drinks before passing out on the couch. Once the man discovers what happened he needs some time alone to think things through, but after a few minutes, the teen babysitter follows him outside because she knows exactly how to help.

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Jill is an all-star babysitter, but she gives even better handjobs!

The girl comforts the man, giving him a soft rub on the shoulders and legs. Soon enough, she unbuckles his belt, pulls out his dick and caresses it in just the right ways to get him hard. Her bracelets jingle with every stroke as this guy lays back and lets his babysitter touch him in all the ways his wife won’t anymore.

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She wants to make him remember how good sex is.

After a few minutes of getting blown, the man picks this cute little teen girl up, places her down with her perky tits in the air and yanks those panties off. Quite frankly, Jill seems like she couldn’t be happier about it when he begins banging her brains out!

Eagerly spreading those sexy legs, he thrusts his cock deep into her wet little babysitter pussy. However, it isn’t long before she turns herself over on all fours to begin taking it in doggystyle. There is nothing hotter than seeing a sexy teen girl with a big booty get fucked hard from behind!

The teen hops on top of her babysitting boss to have sex in cowgirl position. Sliding on his dick like a wild girl, you can tell she has a fetish for older men by the way she rides him with such enthusiasm. It seems like she’s on a brink of making this guy bust his load inside her all throughout this entire smoking hot sex scene!

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Horny Teen Chick Is Looking for Her Friend

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Kimmy Granger was looking for her friend on her bike when she rode up behind a guy minding his own business, loading up his car with some sort of equipment. She asks the man if he’s seen her friend anywhere, but the guy is distracted with how hot she looks. The sexy teen is wearing a cute pink top, a tiny skirt and an inconspicuous diamond-studded butt plug!

kimmy granger

She asks him for a favor with her bike and bends over.

Since he hasn’t seen her friend anywhere, she asks him for help because along the way her bike got a flat tire. While bending over to show him the flat the dude notices this little slut’s plug, and he compliments her on the sexy choice of attire and lack of panties. The teen girl seems to love the attention because she almost immediately grabs the guys dick from outside his pants and they start making out!

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Time to whip it out and get frisky.

The horny teen shoves the guy onto the trunk of his car and starts unbuttoning his pants right away. She whips out his rock hard dick, admires how big it is and begins gobbling it into her mouth. The biker slut slurps the tip of his huge cock while twisting and stroking and shaft, but that doesn’t last long before she plunges the entire thing down her throat. While Kimmy may be only a teen, the brunette chick definitely gives blowjobs like an expert. In fact, you can tell she’s loving every second of it by the blend of incredulity and lust painted in her red cheeks.

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That’s enough deepthroating, it’s time have sex with this teen girl!

They both stand up and he places one of her legs on the car door, balancing it and giving his dick easy access to her tight teen pussy from behind. She grabs his huge cock and rubs it on the outside of her wet pussy while still balancing her leg on the door. They begin to have wild, kinky teen sex in the middle of the street. Neither of them seems to have a care in the world as Kimmy widely grins and loudly exclaims, “Yes!” repeatedly.

Without skipping a beat, they move into the back seat of the car and she starts riding his cock like a teen porn star. The guy fucks her in cowgirl for a few minutes, but as he increases momentum, she begins to climax right in the middle of the pounding! Quickly sliding off his dick, you can see Kimmy’s pussy shake and quiver as she cums.

Filled with euphoria, the girl smiles and wiggles her ass before climbing off of him. She drops back down to her knees and begs like a sexy slut for him to empty his load all over her face. With her eyes on the prize, the teen girl sucks and strokes that huge cock with one goal in her mind.

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Gorgeous Teen Girl Gets Fucked by the Pool

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Dolly Leigh was relaxing in her pool, sunbathing wearing a tiny black bikini and floating on a red inner-tube. When suddenly, she is paid an unexpected visit by a male friend who jumps into the pool with her. When Dolly sees him, you can tell by her expression and the way she bites her lip that she has a lustful desire. The tension begins to build as the man wades through the pool, and without a word spoken they both know what was about to happen. He pulls off her top and begins groping a pair of sexy, petite tits!

dolly leigh

They get out of the pool and rip each-others clothes off.

Before you know it this beautiful babe is down on her knees, gobbling his cock down her throat, licking his balls in an incredibly hot teen sex scene. Her eyes keep looking up, asking for approval as that expert mouth and tongue slide up and down his thick shaft.

Dolly continues deep-throating the man, getting it nice and sloppy wet before climbing on top of him to start riding that big dick! You can definitely tell this teen slut loves it when she’s bouncing up and down with a huge grin on her face, giggling and moaning as the guy fucks her passionately.

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What happens next is what any horny sex lover would do…

She turns around on his cock to get in position for reverse cowgirl! You can immediately tell she loves showing off her big, round ass by the way she’s banging this dude. That dick must have been hitting all the right spots because this horny chick was practically screaming and begging for more. The pleasurable moans coming out of her just continue getting louder!

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Miss Leigh flips around and lays on her back.

As this pretty, wide-eyed blond girl was being pounded hard on her back, she raises her legs up into the air and grabs them tightly so that cock could get as deep inside her as possible. The sexy teen was practically gasping for air while getting fucked. The wet slapping sounds were so loud at this point that it’s probably drawing the neighbor’s attention. After a few minutes, the pair slows their sex down to a smooth momentum to try and keep things a little quieter.

That downtime doesn’t last long because this teen babe can’t wait to climax. She climbs up onto a nearby chair to get on her hands and knees. Next, she lets the guy pull her hair as he absolutely slams her soaking wet pussy as hard as he can from behind. The loud cries of “Oh fuck” and “Yes!” let you know that she loves doggystyle as the big cock throbs and shoves itself inside her young, teen pussy deeper and deeper.

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