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Ava Alvares is a thick chick who’s horny for a linebacker cock. Lucky for her, the guy she’s hanging with today fits that position perfectly! All it takes is a few ass jiggles from this sexy amateur and onlookers eyes will be bugging out from watching the glorious sight. Naturally, within moments Ava is already on all fours with that bare booty up, pussy spread wide and ready to be fucked like a porn star.

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The porn scene transitions to Ava mounting this guy’s massive dick and slowly beginning to twerk on it. Focused on loosening her pussy around him, she eases into the amateur sex, building up more lust by the second. When pleasure strikes, her facial expression instantly goes from tense to full-on satisfaction! Soon enough, she’s on top of him riding in cowgirl position with her big ass bouncing up and down. In fact, that hot booty is jiggling so much throughout each stroke, it almost seems exaggerated!

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Flipping over onto her back, Ava watches closely as he slides back in.

Miss Alvares seems absolutely intoxicated with his girth since she’s practically staring at it while being penetrated. After every inch has disappeared into her moist pussy, the girl glances up at him with puppy-dog eyes and says, “Pound me, baby…” Like clockwork, he thrusts in a manner that’s so delightful it could easily satisfy him, Ava, and every horny viewer of their amateur porn video.

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She audibly moans, “That feels so good!” while being pounded from behind.

Watching this hot chick being fucked in doggystyle is an absolute wonder. However, it’s the overlooked foreplay occurring between them that’s the best source of lust. Grazing a single hand down Ava’s lower-back, the guy shapes out her magnificent curves. Finally, his grip arrives on her thick ass, dominantly grabbing it, and sliding that dick even deeper than he has so far.

This yields a guttural moan from our horny babe, and she pushes her entire body back into him. Like a domino effect, the pure feeling of being buried inside each other launches them both towards orgasming!


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  • Adult Star: Ava Alvares
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  • Full Movie Length: 25 Minutes

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