Thick Brunette Woman Fucks in the Kitchen

Kelsi Monroe rented this fancy place for one reason only: fucking her man on the kitchen counter! Those eyes light up with delight when unzipping his pants and an enormous cock springs out. Honestly, our amateur babe can barely wait to start blowing him! All of a sudden, the voluptuous woman gasps, “Spank me!” before sucking his dick.

Kelsi Monroe

Guiding the brunette’s head while she deepthroats.

With an excited expression, Kelsi says, “We’re going to make a good porn movie!” Then she poses on a marble countertop and invites him to climb aboard. Thrusting from below, he’s putting Miss Monroe into a lustful haze. Enjoyable screams of, “Yes, yes, yes!” echo throughout the loft while they fuck wildly. Additionally, all this sex leaves them both covered in sweat and gasping for air.

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Amateur chick shows her flexibility by doing the splits.

Bent over on the kitchen counter, Kelsi displays some amazing limberness. Standing with a foot down and another lifted up, the horny babe starts getting plowed from behind. Since this isn’t an amateur sex position, he respectfully asks if she’s liking it. Then the girl replies, “I’ll do anything for our porn video, baby.”Wow, what a humble chick!

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Gentle choking takes her to the brink of climax.

The impressed woman comments on that dick, “It’s so big!” in a tone of pure astonishment. And continues by saying, “You’re banging my little pussy so good…” while staring back like he’s a prince. Clearly, these compliments make this dude more aroused since he thrusts even harder. As soon as those hands grip around Miss Monroe’s neck, it sends her spiraling toward an orgasm. “Yes, I’m cumming!” she moans as the amateur porn clip finishes.


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  • Adult Star: Kelsi Monroe
  • Premium Site: RealityKings
  • Full Movie Length: 36 Minutes

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