Hot Girl with a Big Booty Loves to Twerk That Ass

Kelsi Monroe is a hot girl with a huge ass who loves to shake it. At the beginning of this sex video, she’s on the couch twerking her booty with a mischievous grin on her face. The orange shorts she’s wearing grip that thick body in all the right ways to make this a truly provocative sight. Next, Kelsi decides to show off how limber she is by stretching her legs and doing the splits in the most enticing way, bouncing her ass as if she’s riding an invisible cock in the middle of her stretch!

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This guy has been watching his girlfriend shake her ass the entire time!

It’s the last straw for Kelsi’s boyfriend. He can’t stand to only watch this gorgeous girl twerk that ass for another moment. So he walks over, whips out his dick for the horny babe and that mischievous look she previously had on her face turns into a lustful grin. The girl pops her top off and begins to suck that dick, making sure deep throat it so far that her lips press against his pelvis.

The guy finally pulls down this girls booty shorts to reveal her bare naked ass. Those curves are so beautiful that Kelsi’s silhouette alone could turn you on! She continues giving her boyfriend a blowjob, but this time she’s wiggling her ass eagerly as if she wants to have sex. The dude seems to take the hint because he props her up, lays down on the couch and lets Kelsi climb on top to grind on his dick.

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She wants to put all that twerking practice to good use!

This horny babe gives that juicy booty a few more shakes before sliding herself down onto his shaft. That cock slips right inside of her glimmering, wet pussy, and she lets out a muffled moan and says, “Oh my god… Yeah!” as she begins to twerk that big naked ass up and down on his cock. This girls doing all the work, but she loves being able to fit that cock right into the perfect spots in her pussy. When he begins going harder, she really starts enjoying herself, yelling out, “Fuck me, please. Don’t stop! It feels so good!”

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Kelsi has a sexy backside, but this girls naked body even hotter from the front.

Kelsi spreads her long, naked legs wide while laying down on the couch, ready to be mounted in missionary position. The guy pounds this sexy babe hard, making sure to sexually stimulate his girlfriend to the fullest extent by rubbing her clit simultaneously. She moans loudly, barely being able to hang onto her own legs, which are still spread wide in the air. As the couple nears climax, this sex video fades to white and you hear Kelsi beg for his cum saying, “I want that cum all over my pretty little face!”


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  • Adult Star: Kelsi Monroe
  • Premium Site: RealityKings
  • Full Movie Length: 35 Minutes

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