Hot Blonde Gets Stuffed on Thanksgiving

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Alex Grey is spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, and the morning the girl’s supposed to cook the turkey she decides to heat something else up instead. Walking over to her man while still wearing sexy morning pajamas, she starts to tease him by kissing and rubbing herself all over his body. The guy takes her top off swiftly and seductively, showing off her perky breasts, and it’s not long before she’s bent over the sink taking a finger deep in that tight little pussy.

Looks like turkey isn’t the only meat that will be in this girls mouth today.

The couple gets naked and they climb up on the counter together. She slips his cock out of those plaid shorts and slides it into her pussy at what seems like lightning fast speeds! After riding on top for a while, the stud knows when it’s time to flip the naked girl over and start stuffing her from behind. Still on top of the counter, he bends her over and once again inserts himself into the nude babe. The adorable blonde girl loves being completely submissive, letting her man take control. She outbursts, “Fuck me harder!” at the top of her lungs and begs for more.

Alex looks so hot naked and being banged mid-air!

Without missing a beat, the guy hops off the counter-top and has the girl stabilize herself on its edge. He spreads her juicy thighs wide open before slamming his throbbing cock right back inside her wet pussy. If you thought Alex Grey was loud getting banged in doggystyle, then you’re going to lose your mind when you watch her on the brink of orgasm at the end of this sex video!


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