Gamer Girl Has Sex with Her Boyfriend While Friends Listen

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In this amateur sex clip, Marsha May is chilling out, playing her favorite game on a console while talking to a couple of online friends using a microphone. That’s when her horny boyfriend decides to start teasing her in the middle of the game and trying to mess her up. This guy has no shame, trying to pull her big tits out while she’s trying to focus on playing. Completely disregarding the game now and tuning out the people she’d been talking to, Marsha teases her boyfriend back and begins rubbing the outline of his dick through his pants!

marsha may

Things heat up when the guy pulls out his cock and she starts sucking him off!

Slurping sounds radiate through Marsha’s microphone, and her friends listen as if it’s their own personal amateur porn. However, she tries to play it cool and keeps playing the game with the cock shoved into her mouth. One thing leads to another and this girl just decides to go with the flow. She bends over and lets her boyfriend fuck her in doggystyle while still playing! The friends listen closely to Marsha’s moans through the headset. I think it’s safe to say that no one is focusing on the game anymore.

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Marsha puts the controller down and gives the boyfriend her undivided attention.

The couple keeps their amateur porn session going by moving over to the couch. Marsha climbs up on her man’s cock, pops those big tits out from under her tiny shirt and bounces that hot tattooed body up and down on him. After some riding, she flips around and twerks on that dick in reverse cowgirl, showing off her thick booty and letting the boyfriend grab a big handful.

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She dirty talks like a porn star and wants to make him orgasm!

This amateur babe is dripping wet from sliding every last inch of his cock inside of her. In fact, she practically wears herself out from grinding on it and wants to lay down to get fucked in missionary. The guy grabs her legs and lifts them up so far that her knees are almost touching her face. Marsha screams, “Bang me out baby” as that dick slides in and out of her rapidly. However, what really sends this amateur porn over the edge is when she exclaims, “Give me all that cum baby. I want to taste that fuckin’ cum!”


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