Black Haired Babe Calls Plumber for a Piping

Megan Sage is going about her day when, unfortunately for her, the pipes in her bathroom begin to leak. Since she’s an amateur with home repairs, she decides to get in touch with a professional to take care of the burst. In the meantime, the hot babe decides to watch some porn outside while sunbathing. Soon enough, a plumber stops by, rings the doorbell, and she answers wearing a sexy bikini.

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She’s horny from watching amateur porn while waiting.

While the guy starts to fix the pipes, Megan does her best to seduce him by changing out of that bikini. It’s difficult for the plumber to stay professional with this gorgeous chick standing next to him in only a towel. She remarks, “I’m so glad you were able to come over so quickly and take care of me…” to hint at him that she’s just an amateur little girl and needs a big strong man to take care of her.

Now walking away, the girl pulls the towel up enough so that her hot, round booty is peeking out from the bottom of it. She’s giving him an amateur porn style teasing, and consequently, the guy begins to breathe heavy while watching her shake that supple ass.

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It seems that this beautiful babe wants a different kind of piping today!

Megan goes to relax on the couch and turns on the porn from earlier while he continues working. Clearly, she’s trying to seduce him since she’s in direct view of the plumber. When the man is completed with the job, he goes up to Miss Sage, who’s still watching porn in a towel, and hesitantly says, “I’m finished with-“ before getting cut off by the amateur babe. She says in an alluring voice, “Can you tell I’ve been trying to turn you on?” and all this guy can do is stumble over his words. Megan looks extremely sexy with the towel now draping off of her gorgeous body.

Moving her head down towards his pants zipper, she whispers, “Let me suck your dick. You’re such a hunk and I want you bad…” while pulling out his already erect dick. She gives his cock a few gentle tugs before grazing over it with the dull edges of her teeth. This plumbing job quickly turns into a blowjob when she places her mouth around it and starts to suck eagerly. By the looks of it, Megan is no amateur at foreplay!

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Toppling backward on the couch together, they’re making out like a couple in love.

She mounts him in reverse cowgirl position and pushes her big ass down on his massive plumber dick. Her pussy completely engulfs it, and they moan in unison as he feels the warm, welcoming walls inside the girl. Slow grinding on top, Megan makes sure to savor each and every inch of him. She looks like a porn star in this sex scene, riding in epic delight. In fact, the way that thick, amateur’s ass coasts along him looks like it was made for porn!


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  • Full Movie Length: 34 Minutes

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